Figure 9. “Energy and Matter in the Om Point”
(p. 112)

From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 527)
This figure is based on original sketches in TTL/FF p. 53, TLD/DF: 28-6-26, p. 7, TLD/FF: 28-6-26, p. 7, and ChD 57: p. 26. This series of closely interrelated figures—Figures 9–12—draws, additionally, on the diagrams in TTL/FF p. 54, TLD/DF: 28-6-26, pp. 8 and 9, TLD/FF: 28-6-26, pp. 7–8, and ChD 57: p. 28.

ChD 57: p. 28 ChD 57: p. 26 TLD/DF: 28-6-26, p. 7


Figure 10. “The Manifestation of Prāṇ and Ākāsh”
(p. 113)



From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 527)
The primary sources for this figure are TTL/FF p. 53, TLD/DF: 28-6-26, p. 8, and TLD/FF: 28-6-26, p. 7. (For further relevant information see under Figure 9 above.)

TLD/DF: 28-6-26, p. 8 1 1


Figure 11. “Chaitanya and the Two Houses”
(p. 115)

From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 527)
This diagram, like Figure 4, has five sources: (1) TTL p. 35 presents the verbal content in a vertically arranged typed column. (2) ChD 62: p. 370—clearly the diary source for the typed manuscript versions—presents almost exactly the same content in handwritten pencil form. (3) TLD/DF: 3-6-26, p. 2, and (4 and 5) TLD/FF: 3-6-26, p. 2 and TTL/FF p. 35 render this same information with certain diagrammatic elements added. Figure 5 here is based on these sources.

ChD 57: p. 28 1 1 1

Figure 12.“Chaitanya, Matter, and Energy in Evolution”
(p. 117)


From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 528)
This particular figure has no direct explicit source but has been created by the editors and artist. It does grow out of the greater series of Figures 9–11, whose sources are described in the notes under Figure 9 above. The clash of space and energy—ākāsh and prāṇ—is depicted diagrammatically in a typed account of a dictation that Meher Baba gave to Margaret Mayo in Harmon-on-the-Hudson in New York on 3rd December, 1931; this image is reproduced in Early Messages to the West, p. 186.