“Man between Maya and Eternal Bliss”
(p. 64)


From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 526)
This diagram is based on five sources: (1 and 2) TTL/FF p. 35 and TTL p. 35 each provides a very brief schematic numbered series of elements in typed form (with handwritten interpolations in TTL/FF p. 35). (3) ChD 62: p. 369 presents this same content in a more diagrammatically sketched out but still extremely crude pencil-drawn figure. (4 and 5) TLD/DF: 3-6-26, p. 1, and TLD/FF: 3-6-26, p. 1 present the contents of ChD 62: p. 369 in better drawn and clearer versions. Figure 4 as rendered in this text is based on these sources, with further refinements in the light of the lecture itself.

Source Diagrams

TLD/DF: 3-6-26, p. 1 ChD 62: p. 369 TLD/DF: 3-6-26, p. 1
TTL p. 35 TTL/FF p. 35