“The Circle, the Head, and the Circle Members”
(p. 345)



“Notes on the Figures” (p. 534)
No figure appears in the source passage in LLBA: 24-11-26, p. 3, but one seems to be indicated and presupposed in the language of the original text: “. . . the Sadguru then existent (Ramdas) laid the seed of the new spiritual circle-to-be. The point in the centre indicates the Head (of the circle) and those (points) on the circumstances [sic] (circumference?) indicate members.” Probably Meher Baba drew such a diagram on his slate while giving this explanation. Figure 30 has been drawn on the basis of this description.

Source Diagrams

LLBA: 24-11-26, p. 3 LLBA: 28-11-26, p. 5