“The Five States”
(p. 232)



“Notes on the Figures” (p. 532)
This figure is based on the versions in ChD 57: p. 176, TTL/FF p. 103, TTL p. 103, and TLD/FF: 19-8-26, p. 3. In these sources the information has been presented in a very confusing and inconsistent way. It has been considerably reordered and restructured here to bring out what seems to be its main point, which is the interrelation and comparison of the states of the ordinary human and Sadguru vis-à-vis sound sleep, dream, and wakefulness.

Source Diagrams

ChD 57: p. 176 TLD/FF: 19-8-26, p. 3 TTL p. 103
TTL/FF p. 103