“The Sun as the Ocean of Paramātmā”
(p. 224)



“Notes on the Figures” (p. 531)
Figure 20 is based on diagrammatic sources in TTL/FF p. 99, TLD/FF: 17-9-26, p. 1, and ChD 57: p. 162. The names (in abbreviated form) appear most clearly on TTL/FF p. 99. In ChD 57: p. 162 the last two names are illegible. TLD/FF: 17-8-26, p. 1 gives as its last two names what looks like “Now”and “F.” As discussed earlier under Figure 19, “Now” could be Naoroji, and “F” could signify Faredoon (several of whom were associated with the early Meherabad ashram). Neither name has been included in the redrawn Figure 20.

Source Diagrams

TTL/FF p. 99 TLD/FF: 17-9-26, p. 1 ChD 57: p. 162