“The Journey through the Planes”
(p. 182)



“Notes on the Figures” (p. 530)
TTL p. 82 has blank space near the top of the page immediately below the title (“What is the ‘SAT-CHIT-ANAND’. [lacuna] State.” After a gap of two lines, typing resumes with words from the lower part of the diagram. In TTL/FF p. 82, the carbon copy of TTL p. 82, these spaces have been filled in with a figure. TLD/DF: 15-7-26, p. 1 provides a full, independent figure in type and handwriting, and TLD/FF: 15-7-26, p. 1 does likewise. Much of this same diagrammatic content appears in ChD 57: p. 91 and ChD 62: p. 503. Figure 17 in this text has been based on these manuscript sources.

Source Diagrams

ChD 57: p. 91
ChD 62: p. 503 TLD/DF: 15-7-26, p. 1
TLD/FF: 15-7-26, p. 1 TTL p. 82 TTL p. 82