Figure 15 “The Linking of Body and Mind in the Sadguru”
(p. 166)


“Notes on the Figures” (p. 529)
This illustration is based on the hand-drawn manuscript originals in ChD 57: p. 75; TTL/FF p. 76; TLD/DF: 3-7-26, p. 3; and TLD/FF: 3-7-26, p. 3. These sources differ from each other in significant ways: in TLD/DF: 3-7-26, p. 3 and TTL/FF p. 76 the drawing is arranged vertically, with one hand above and the other below, whereas in TLD/FF: 3-7-26, p. 3 and ChD 57: p. 75 they are arranged horizontally (in ChD 57: p. 75 with one hand labeled “A Left” and the other labeled “B Right”). Even more significantly, in the associated commentary in all of the “Tiffin Lectures” versions (including TTL p. 76 as well, which has only a blank space reserved for a drawing which was never filled in), the figure is first referenced as an illustration of the operation of the physical brought to effect through the Powers of Knowledge in the case of the Sadguru, while in the next paragraph the same figure is cited as an illustration of the fusing of mind and body in the case of ordinary people. Since the very point of this passage is to differentiate between ordinary people and Sadgurus as regards the connection of mind and body, clearly the drawing cannot serve to illustrate both of these cases. The text must be in error.
In ChD 57: p. 75, by contrast, the drawing is cited as an illustration of the working of the physical body through the instrumentality of the Powers of Knowledge of the Sadguru; no reference is made to it with respect to the ordinary persons. (For more details on the contrast between the sources, see endnote 7 on p. 555). The editors and artist have taken the interpretation of the figure in this diary source as the correct one and have constructed the figure and edited the text accordingly.

Source Diagrams

ChD 57: p. 75 TLD/DF: 3-7-26, p. 3 TLD/FF: 3-7-26, p. 3
TTL/FF p. 76    


Figure 16 “Body, Mind, and Self in the Ordinary Person”
(p. 167)



From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 529)
This figure is based on the small, crude diagram in the bottom left margin of ChD 57: p. 75, just to the left of the lecture’s final paragraph on the minds and bodies of God-realized persons.

Source Diagrams

ChD 57: p. 75