“The Journey of Infinite Intelligence from Unconsciousness to Superconsciousness”
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From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 524)

This figure has as its direct sources a typed table on TTL p. 3; the carbon copy of the same table, without handwritten additions to the diagram itself but with some handwritten commentary in English and Gujarati, appears in TTL/FF p. 3. This same table has been drawn with penciled semicircles added in TLD/FF: 29-4-26 draft A, p. 3 and draft B, p. 3. All of these appear to reproduce the contents of ChD 62: p. 321. In fact, this very same diagrammatic content appears twice, in closely related versions, in the “Intelligence Notebooks,” vol. 2, ff. 188 and 206, reproduced in facsimile in Meher Baba’s Infinite Intelligence, pp. 643 and 644; Figure 22 on p. 316 of Infinite Intelligence represents the artist’s and editors’ interpretation and rendering of this for the purposes of that book. It is possible, though at present we have no way of knowing, that a single dictation by Meher Baba, as recorded by Chanji, gave rise to the near-simultaneous appearance of this same essential diagram in “Tiffin Lectures” and the “Intelligence Notebooks”; in other words, Figure 1 here and Figure 22 in Infinite Intelligence may conceivably constitute two different expressions and renderings of a single explanation given by Baba on 29th April 1926. It is also possible, however, that these textual streams flowed from different sources and that Baba gave the same explanation twice.

Source Diagrams

Chd 62: p. 321 TLD/FF: 29-4-26 draft A, p.3 TLD/FF: 29-4-26 draft B, p.3
TTL p.3 TLL/FF p.3