This room is next to the drawing room. Baba and the women mandali would eat together at this table when Baba was not eating in His room.

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Anecdote from Lord Meher:

This period in [May] 1966 Baba used to call Rama, Sheela and Mehernath Kalchuri to Meherazad on Sundays for lunch. Sheela and Rama would eat with Baba and the women, and Mehernath with the men. Mehera was embarrassed about using both hands to eat chapatis (since most people in India do not use their left hand while eating). She asked Rama, “Do you mind if I use both hands to break my chapati?”

Rama was wondering how to reply when Sheela spoke up, “If the flour is kneaded with two hands, what harm is there in eating the chapati with both hands? With one hand you cannot clap — it takes two hands — so it is all right.”


Baba was pleased with her reply and commented, “A sharp-minded girl! She outdoes her father. I, too, use both hands while breaking the chapati.”


Meheru Irani recounts her memories of Baba in the dining room