The Combined Diary, is the title inscribed at the head of a 750-page, two-volume set of notebooks containing the reminiscences of five of Baba’s disciples — Padri, Pawar, Pandoba, Nadirshaw, and Chanji — over a period running from July 1924 through the end of August, 1927. The phase that the Diary covers was a wonderful and extremely dynamic period of Baba’s life. The Meherabad ashram had just been established the year before, in 1923; during the following years of the Diary period Baba created a thriving colony there, had built many of the early historic Meherabad structures, established the Meher Ashram and Hazrat Babajan school for children, opened a hospital and dharamshala, began His long Silence, wrote His Book, gave His darshan freely and extensively both to individual seekers and larger crowds, and trained his early disciples in His unique divine ways.

The authors of The Combined Diary write from the perspective of men who had the extraordinary good fortune of having recognized the Avatar of the Age and who wanted to leave a record of their experiences. The incidents of their daily life with Him, and what they were able to see of His workings from their angle of vision, give rise to many remarkable narrative moments which we hope many of Baba’s lovers today will find to be of great interest and value.

In time these web pages will be remounted in the form of a more user-friendly interface, which will allow easy location of just the particular diary pages that you might be interested in along with transcriptions and more extensive helpful search tools. Currently, we are able to provide this basic archival presentation, just the diaries as they were kept all these many years in the very same trunks and cupboards that Baba was referring to in the opening page of the Archive Section.

1924 Search For 5000 Sadhus
July – August, 1924
In the Nilgiri Hills!
August 6 – 8, 1924
In the Nilgiri Hills! (continued)
August 9 -14, 1924
Calcuta and Hardwar
August 15-18, 1924
Tramping On
August 18-30, 1924
Central India
September 1924 – January 1925
1925 The Stay At Meherabad
January 25 – April 2, 1925
Meherabad Begins to Expand
April 3-22, 1925
Daily Life at Meherabad
April 23 – May 6, 1925
May 8-10, 1925
Jalali Moods, then Celebration!
May 11-19, 1925
Sanity Regained, A Spiritual Analogy,
Villagers Rebuked!
May 20-23, 1925
Surrender, Reappearance of Jesus,
May 24-29, 1925
Managing the Ashram
May 30 – June 5, 1925
First announcement of his coming
June 12-18, 1925
Baba returns from Bombay
June 20-25, 1925
The First Western Disciple
June 26 – July 4, 1925
A Crowd Gathers for Darshan on the
Last Day Baba Will See Outside
Visitors Before His Silence Begins
The Vow of Silence
July 5-13, 1925
Baba Delivers His Last Oral
Lecture to the Mandali
July 14-16, 1925
Using Chalk and Slate Baba Conducts
Interviews, Reveals Information and
Gives Explanations on Divine Subjects
July 17-22, 1925
Settling An Arangaon Property Dispute
July 23-27, 1925
Lewis C. Nelhams Dies Suddenly
of Septic Fever
Writing the Book
July 28-31, 1925
The beginning of Hazrat Babajan
Girls School
August 1-6, 1925
The mandali are allowed the rare
luxury of an afternoon nap
August 7-12, 1925
Construction begins on a new building
for the combined boys school
Building Programme
August 13-20, 1925
Baba dedicates more time to
writinghis Book
August 22-31, 1925
All Meherabad observes a 24-hour
fast in honor of Tajuddin Baba’s passing
September 1-14, 1925
Opening ceremonies for the new
mandali quarters called ‘Makan-e-khas’
September 17-27, 1925
Baba and the mandali partake in
a vegetarian feast with Arangaon
Criticism of School Management
September 28-October 4, 1925
Baba takes his ‘new seat’ in the
Table House under the neem tree
October 5-11, 1925
Baba works with Arangaon Harijans
who feasted on a dead bullock
October 12-18, 1925
Despite total fast, Baba retains
‘the characteristic thoroughness
of His super-nature’
October 19-27, 1925
After nine months Baba finally
has a shave
October 28 – November 5, 1925
Baba tolerates another ceremonial
bath by hundreds of people
The Dhuni Brings Rain
November 8-16, 1925
Meherabad Dhuni is lit for the
first time
November 17-26, 1925
Baba assumes a new seat under the
open shaded part of the Table house
near the Dhuni
November 27-29, 1925
Baba is ‘greatly pleased’ with the singing
of Piaroo Qawal of Ajmer
November 30-December 9, 1925
Opening ceremony for the new
kitchen; Baba kindles the hearths
December 10-13, 1925
Baba has Naja caned
A bazaar Opens at Meherabad
December 14-18, 1925
The importance of honesty,
moral integrity and controlling
December 19-22, 1925
Settling disputes; caring for residents,
schoolboys and visitors
December 23-26, 1925
Celebrating Christmas at Meherabad
December 30-31, 1925
The Circle Committee is formed
1926 — Visitors Greatly Increase in Number
January 1-8, 1926
Celebrating Zoroaster’s birthday
and New Year’s Day
January 9-21, 1926
Baba gives instructions to build a
separate Dharamshala for women
January 23-30, 1926
Rumor circulates that Baba has
dropped his body
Birthday Celebration Underway
February 1-17, 1926
Birthday preparations begin “on
grand scale”;
February 18, 1926
The volume of birthday flowers is so
great the wooden cabin is buried in them
February 19-25, 1926
The long awaited play on the life of
Shivaji is presented
Discourse on Death
February 26-27, 1926
News of the sudden death of
Baba’s brother, Jamshed
March 21-24, 1926
Celebration of the Zoroastrian New Year
March 25-28, 1926
Schoolboys begin sleeping in the newly
expanded school premises
March 29 – April 4, 1926
Baba secludes himself daily doing
writing work in the cabin on Sai
Darbar platform
Conditions Improve for the Boys
April 5-20, 1926
Baba discourses on ‘the
mysteries of death’
April 21 – May 11, 1926
Meherabad becomes festive to
celebrate Ram’s birthday
May 12-18, 1926
Baba gives a superb explanation of real
Discourses on the God-Realized, Sadgurus and Majzoobs
May 19-22, 1926
Baba explains about the 3 types
of God-realized beings
May 23-30, 1926
A separate wing in the hospital is
dedicated to eye care
June 6-11, 1926
‘The whole of existence is a circus show…’
June 12-16, 1926
Baba takes some of the mandali
to the circus. . .for 15 minutes
June 17-22, 1926
How the circles of the perfect masters
correspond to the different parts of the
physical form
Celebrating Baba’s Silence
June 24-July 1, 1926
Baba declares he will prolong
his silence up to February
July 5-10, 1926
The mandali insist upon observing
the first anniversary of Baba’s silence
July 11-18, 1926
Baba moves his daily seat back to the
Table House
July 19-20, 1926
Baba pardons a frightened man
Holiday Celebrations
July 21-23, 1926
Baba celebrates Dwadashi in
July 24-27, 1926
Baba explains what real Guru
Purnima means
July 28 – August 5, 1926
A quick trip to Happy Valley
August 7-13, 1926
The mandali’s plain diet
becomes even more austere
August 14-18, 1926
Another holiday for the celebration
of Zoroaster’s birthday
August 19-25, 1926
A novel punishment for the school staff
August 26-29, 1926
Mr. Moorlidhar receives a
lesson in obedience
August 30-31, 1926
Shri Krishna’s birthday is celebrated
September 1-9, 1926
Baba begins a 5 or 6 month fast on
liquids only
September 10-20, 1926
Col. Irani and Prof. Kapadia visit
Mahar Boys Break Baba’s Order
September 21, 1926
“Hardships and pleasures” on
tour with Meher Baba
September 22-23, 1926
The Mahars of Arangaon test Baba
September 24-25, 1926
A piece of flesh is found in Meherabad
September 26-29, 1926
The mandali discuss doing away
with separate drinking water arrangements
Preparations for Leaving Meherabad
September 30 – October 4, 1926
Serious discussion about “winding
up the Meherabad activities”
October 5-9, 1926
Baba begins a new fast
October 11-13, 1926
Baba says he will soon commence
a 100-day fast
October 14-16, 1926
Dussera begins with a tense meeting
October 17-19, 1926
“It is humility and regard that appeals
to me most”
Departure from Meherabad
October 20-21, 1926
Baba decides to close all Meherabad
institutions except the Makan
October 22-25, 1926
The Dharmshala and Hospital are
October 26-31, 1926
The school shifts to the hospital building
November 1-4, 1926
See what life is!
November 5-8, 1926
The boys are supplied with plenty
of Diwali fireworks
November 9-11, 1926
The best possible thing is to depend on
one who does not DEPEND ON ANYONE
November 12-16, 1926
Baba gives himself the name
Samunder, meaning Ocean
Arrival in Lonavla
November 17-25, 1926
The real state of God is the state of
very very sound sleep
November 26-27, 1926
Awakening in Lonavla to a beautiful
golden sunrise
November 28-29, 1926
The mandali strive to remain calm in
November 30 – December 4, 1926
The holiday atmosphere continues
December 5, 1926
All depart by train for Bombay
December 6-13, 1926
What to do about the idleness of the
Deaths of Arjoon and Dr. Karkal
December 14-22, 1926
The death of Arjoon
December 23-31, 1926
Return to Meherabad!
1927 — Back in Meherabad
January 1, 1927
“These old men are very sticky.”
January 2-4, 1927
Baba stops writing
Intense Work with the Mandali
January 5-11, 1927
You will see me in my true form
January 12-15, 1927
How to keep the mandali occupied
January 16-19, 1927
Baba’s umbrella cannot be found
January 20-22, 1927
The Sacred Oath!
Planning for the School
January 23-24, 1927
The majority favor establishing
a permanent school
January 25-26, 1927
Discussion of the war in China
January 27-28, 1927
Hazrat Babajan’s birthday is celebrated
January 29 – February 1, 1927
Look before you leap!
Modification of the School Plans
February 2-3, 1927
“Hypocrisy and False Pretentions”
February 4-5, 1927
The purpose of the school program
February 6-7, 1927
The mandali is freed from all agreements,
promises and oaths
February 8-10, 1927
New Agreement
Chhagan’s Family Drama
February 11, 1927
The Chhagan Day (Part 1)
February 11, 1927
The Chhagan Day (Part 2)
Baba’s 33rd Birthday
February 12-16, 1927
Preparations for Baba’s birthday
February 17-18, 1927
The 33rd Birthday Celebration
(Part One)
February 18-19, 1927
The 33rd Birthday Celebration
(Part Two)
February 20-26, 1927
The largest jail in India
Hazrat Babajan High School
March 1-9, 1927
Hazrat Babajan High School
declared “established”
March 10-12, 1927
Mental repetition of God’s names
March 13-17, 1927
Krishnamurti, the supposed “New
World Teacher”
March 18-19, 1927
Disappointment in Meher Ashram
Sorabji Desai
March 20, 1927
Mr. Sorabji Desai, famous
Gujerati writer, visits Baba
March 21, 1927
Jamshedi Navroz (New Year)
March 22-24, 1927
Sorabji Desai pays respects to Narayan
March 25-26, 1927
The mandali respond to a
Renewed Commitment to Meher Ashram
March 27, 1927
The Ashram takes a big swing
March 28-30, 1927
Anna relates “supernatural”
March 30-31, 1927
A discourse on “Life After Death”
Hazrat Babajan
April 1-3, 1927
Hazrat Babajan’s Early Life!
April 3-5, 1927
Arrangements for a school for
village girls
April 6-7, 1927
Sheriarji’s 18 years of spiritual
April 8, 1927
Preparations for Meher Ashram
at Meherabad
April 9, 1927
Celebration of Ram’s Birthday is cancelled
April 10, 1927
This boy of mine will shake
half the world
April 11, 1927
The State between the Mind and
the Nirvikalpa
A Strange Illness Attacks Baba
April 12-13, 1927
Baba’s Queer Illness
April 14-15, 1927
More than a mere coincidence
April 17, 1927
That’s why I warn you
April 17, 1927
The Ways and Workings of a
Meher Ashram Opens
April 19-28, 1927
The Ashram is the order
of the day
May 1, 1927
Meher-Ashram Opening Day
May 4-5, 1927
Visit to Sherri
Violence in the Village
May 7-9, 1927
Shireenbanoo and Mani
arrive from Poona
May 10-11, 1927
Intentionally breaking an order
is very harmful
May 12-13, 1927
Sir, the boiler will burst!
May 14-16, 1927
The Parsi High-Priest of Navsari
May 17, 1927
English established as the common
medium of instruction
A Young Boy in Trouble
May, 1927
Shri Upasni Maharaj’s Birthday
May 19-21, 1927
Late in obeying the call
May 21, 1927
The Steady Rock in the
Dashing Sea!
May 22, 1927
More about a miracle
Baba Promises Rain
May 23-24, 1927
The Ashram Library
May 26-27, 1927
A Holiday for Baba
May 27 – June 1, 1927
The Future Avatar
June 2-5, 1927
Come rain, come!
June 6-10, 1927
Uncontrolled outbursts of
June 10-13, 1927
A poor little visitor
The Seven Names of God Prayer
June 14-17, 1927
Disappointments are good
Opening the Tank Building
June 18-25, 1927
Tank Transformation
June 26 – July 1, 1927
Meher Ashram moves to the
tank building
July 2-4, 1927
The Persian boys arrive
July 5-8, 1927
The near approach of the
spiritual outburst
Persian Division Opens in the School
July 9-13, 1927
No religion allows speaking
ill of others
July 14-18, 1927
Keep quiet and talk as little
as possible
Baba’s Siblings Mani, Adi and Behram Arrive
July 18-25, 1927
A little plain water pickle
July 26 – August 1, 1927
I greatly dislike anyone to
break his word
August 2-7, 1927
Everything will be well in
every way
August 8-12, 1927
Shivaji is now born of Persian
First Game of Tennis at Meherabad
August 13-21, 1927
Avatar Zarathustra’s Birthday
August 24-28, 1927
An Important Hint
Baba Warns the Watchmen to be Especially Vigilant
August 28-30, 1927
The Future Book
August 30-31, 1927
Sadguru and Majzoob vs. Ordinary




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