A large crowd waiting at the railroad station to take Baba’s darshan is disappointed when he leaves Ahmednagar by road in a truck along with the women, a few men mandali and their luggage,
folios #2v018-2v024, November 17-25, 1926.

Baba joined the mandali in the early afternoon and distributed jelebis to all Meherabad residents in honor of the birth of Arjoon’s son. The mandali voted on a proposal to stay in Poona on the invitation of Patel and Sailor. Before retiring to the Table House that night, Baba conveyed the message: “There is no importance to worldly affairs. For a Realized one the whole world is less important than a dream. An intellectual giant like Shakespeare and his intellectual flights and delights were not even the shadow of True Existence and Bliss. The real state of God is the state of very very sound sleep. And to attain God-hood means to enjoy this sound sleep state while fully awake at the same time. Really it cannot be described but at the most only told of. Hafiz rightly says this world is nothing plus nothing.”

Entering the Makan at 6 AM, Baba found several mandali “still clinging to their beddings;” he had them sprayed with cold water. The next few days were devoted to arrangements for Baba and the whole mandali including the women and also some boys to leave Meherabad for Bombay, stopping for a few days in Lonavla. Despite great objection from many mandali, a large collection of correspondence from Baba’s followers around the country was destroyed.

On the day of departure the mandali arose early. Chanji, Masa and Kaikasroo were the first to depart, taking all the heavy luggage to the railway station by truck. A large crowd waiting at the station to take Baba’s darshan were disappointed when he left Ahmednagar by road in a truck along with the women, a few men mandali and their luggage. A second truck carried the men and their luggage. Rustomji and a few mandali remained behind for final arrangements, with instructions to come along later with the boys. The trucks reached Lonavla in the afternoon.

Ramjoo and Dr. Ghani had rented a bungalow but due to some misunderstanding Baba was displeased with it and indicated he would continue on to Bombay that evening. After a while Baba was prevailed upon to stay there. The ladies were settled in a part of the house that was made unapproachable by the men.

Around 6:30 PM Chanji, Masa and Kaikhasroo arrived from the train with the heavy luggage. Baba asked if they had eaten during the journey; in response to Kaikasroo’s answer, Baba gave him a good shaking. He shook Masaji also. Later, after a cooling off period, Baba asked them what they thought of his strength and inquired whether they were hurt in any way. A discussion of Baba’s frequent “jalal” moods ensued especially referring back to the Manzil-e-Mim period when the mandali remained “ever-prepared for a sudden ‘storm’.”

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