Marriage is essential to life and thus many “Sadgurus” like Gautam, Mohammed, Tukaram and Upasni Maharaj are married; those who are God-Realized before marriage remain single afterward, like Christ, Shankaracharya and Baba,
folios #2v015-2v018, November 12-16, 1926.

In response to a report that many school boys suffered indigestion from their dinner of jawari (millet) bread and tea, it was decided to serve a soup made of kokam sugar (Garcinia indica) and other ingredients in place of tea. Mama was chosen to prepare it but his preparation did not come up to expectations; Baba appointed Masaji to make it. During a private talk with some mandali at night, Baba revealed the reason for bringing about all the changes at Meherabad was because he intended to leave soon.

Rustomji arrived from Poona in the morning with excellent sweets, a fine treat for all. The morning meeting dealt with water problems; Padri was instructed to handle them. Three meetings were held in the afternoon to address complaints that current meals were “ill-cooked.” Changes were made to the kitchen staff and later rescinded in favor of an additional assistant to Bapu for kitchen work. “All the discussions and meetings held about it were like digging up a mountain for a mole-hole.”

Baba went “over the Hill” at 9:15 PM having issued a notice that he would remain there for four or five days and then depart for Bombay on the 28th. The following day he did not come down; the mandali did their routine work and the boys played cricket in the afternoon.

At 11:00 AM the following morning Baba unexpectedly showed up to find Bomanji and Behramji “in the war-paints.” Baba brought their heated argument to a peaceful conclusion. He ordered that the Sakhya Mahar serve food to all the mandali regardless of caste and that all take their food in the Makan and nowhere else or otherwise leave him.

Arjoon’s son having been born on the 13th Baba asked him to provide the mandali with a treat in celebration; he replied that he had left all his affairs in Baba’s hands and it was he who should do whatever he thought best. Baba promised a tea party for all. Baba remarked that marriage was essential to life and that was why many “Sadgurus” like Gautam, Mohammed, Tukaram and Upasni Maharaj were married. Only Masters who were God-Realized before marriage remained single afterward, like Christ, Shankaracharya and himself. He asked who among the mandali wanted to marry; none volunteered.

Baba joined the mandali at 11:20 AM on Kartaki Ekadashi and inquired which Hindus were fasting. With the exception of Kaka, there were none. Baba remarked that he would fast for all. In the evening Kaka’s family performed a special arti and puja in honor of the holiday.

Baba gave humorous nicknames to many mandali, names like Sikander, Dalinder, Bori-Bunder, Grinder, Plunder, Wonder, Bunder and Cylinder. He also gave himself the name Samunder, which means Ocean.

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