The Schoolboys and their Parents,
23rd April – 6th May 1925,
folios 49-53

This week’s installment opens with the Diary’s expression of Baba’s love for the mandali and theirs for Him. Over this two-week period Baba continued to punctuate intimate involvement in the affairs Meherabad especially the school with sudden, flying visits to Bombay (and once to Dhond).

Angal Vakil lectured before the boys on the subject of the Puranas; but the non-attendance of the parents of the school boys led to further criticisms on Baba’s part. All of this culminated in a showdown between Baba and the villagers on 6th May.

Among the various other small episodes related, one involves Baba’s rendering of financial assistance to a young student named Gadekar who (as later events proved) found in Baba his Master and became a lifelong disciple.

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