A special arti was recited in commemoration of the anniversary of the first dhuni; before the arti was finished, heavy rain began to fall,
folios #2v009-2v014, November 9-11, 1926.

Six boys failed to get up early in the morning despite being told to do so; Baba ordered them sent away. They departed as far as a tree by the road where they remained standing. Baba called them back and allowed them to stay after they were caned by Arjoon.

In the afternoon heavy rain began to fall and the matting that had been substituted for iron sheets on the Makan allowed leakage, which caused great inconvenience to the mandali. Despite difficulties, they appreciated the rain on account of dying crops and scarcity of water in the area. Only recently Baba had promised rain to the farmers who were complaining about the poor monsoon.

During the day many visitors paid respects to Baba, provoking upset among the mandali. Baba saw Pandoba whispering to Kaka and when he inquired what was being said Pandoba expressed the mandali’s sense of injustice at being prevented from paying respects while “outsiders were freely allowed to do so.” Baba asked them to accept the toss of a coin in the matter and after hesitation the mandali agreed. To their great delight the mandali won the toss and without waiting for permission or heeding Baba’s threats they all rushed him and took his darshan.

The rain caused anxiety and Baba issued special instructions for the night; later he toured around to see for himself that they were properly carried out.

Baba began talking about going to Bombay, leaving Meherabad in Rustomji’s charge until February. Names of the mandali to accompany him were recorded. In a discussion of self-support and independence, Baba conveyed, “The best possible thing is to depend on one who does not DEPEND ON ANYONE OR ANYTHING.”

In the evening a special arti was recited in commemoration of the anniversary of the first dhuni. Before the arti was finished, heavy rain began to fall, just as it had on the occasion of the first dhuni. Scarcely a dry spot remained in the Makan. The mandali were instructed to go to the school (the former hospital) for the night where Baba allotted separate areas for the men and the boys and inspected each member for muddy feet and dry clothes. After getting everyone settled, he served sweets and tea.

Upon providing for the protection of the ladies against heavy showers and wind, Baba retired for the night “over the seat under the lime tree.”

A circular passed around the mandali regarding Baba’s decision to go to Bombay, including the names of those to accompany him and those to remain at Meherabad, stirred up dissatisfaction among those who felt left out. Baba called a meeting to ask each member his preference; many expressed their intention to go with him and others accepted his wish and decision.

After the evening cricket match another meeting was held; women were present including Gulmai, Shireenmai, Masi and some others. Baba talked at length about his decision, citing monotony with affairs at Meherabad and especially with his silence. He concluded that he would “go over the Hill” for a few days and upon return he would announce his decision.

The mandali were severely rebuked for their indifference to the boys’ health.

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