The colony buzzes with noise and market activity as the building materials from demolished premises are auctioned off for a “handsome value”,
folios #391-VolII 009, November 5-8, 1926.

Celebration of Diwali continued with a program of sports and sweets for the remaining boys. The mandali were served sweets with afternoon tea. At night the boys were supplied with plenty of fireworks which they fully enjoyed in the compound. Adi escaped serious injury for the second time in the same day when a rocket nearly struck him in the face.

Diwali was celebrated for the third day with sports, sweets and amusements for the boys. The mandali completed the task of demonishing Sai-Durbar in the morning. In the evening some mandali voiced objections to the 4 AM arti; Baba listened to them and then expressed displeasure at those who argued against his order. He then ordered that none were to pay him respects and he rescinded the order for the 4 AM arti, replacing it with an order for all to observe silence from 4 AM to 6 AM.

Syedsahib awakened the mandali with a bell at 4 AM and the majority sat wrapped in blankets on their bedding; a petromax lamp was brought in to prevent them from napping under the cover of darkness. After a “long two hours” with the atmosphere of a “deserted grave yard” the silence ended in a ringing “Meher Baba ki Jai!”

The mandali sorted into different piles the various materials reclaimed from the demolished premises in preparation for a public auction, which was announced to the public by printed handbill. It being the last day of Diwali, the boys continued their sports program. Baba fasted throughout the day and did not appear to be in a “proper mood.”

On the morning of the auction, Bapu brought Diwali sweets that were distributed to all for breakfast. The colony buzzed with noise and activity as the materials were auctioned off and due to Khan Sahib Kaikhasroo’s business acumen a “handsome value was realized for it.” Baba remained in the school premises, taking only water until the end of the day. In the afternoon he “conveyed a short lecture on Love.”

In the evening the water shortage was discussed and it was decided to stop providing water to Gustadji for gardening; the mandali were also restricted to two buckets of water a week for bathing.

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