When Baba recently attempted to do away with caste restrictions, the Hindu mandali objected strongly; under current circumstances they are willing parties to the change,
folios #386-390, November 1-4, 1926.

Dismantling of the school premises continued in the morning. After tea break a meeting was called to discuss the mandali who were resisting new assignments. A settlement was reached and the new rules and system was explained again to all the mandali. The students’ examination results were presented to Baba at noon. At 1 PM Baba called the mandali to give their answers to the riddle that he had assigned them 5 days previously. In the evening they played cricket and after 10 PM Baba called together a selection of mandali to discuss the new arrangements. Baba expressed displeasure with mismanagement and frequently repeated mistakes.

In the morning Mrs. Rustomji suddenly departed on foot and despite Baba’s persuasion she continued to Khusroo quarters in Ahmednagar; in the evening however she returned and was allowed to stay. The demolishing of Sai-Durbar began. Some boys were promoted. After supper Baba lectured on “Love and Gita.”

The demolishing of Sai-Durbar was completed and a private meeting was held to settle details for the Diwali program.

In response to a report of the sudden death of Dastoor, the cricketer, in Karachi, Baba remarked: See what life is! There is no knowing when it will come to an abrupt end. There is no guarantee for it. Hence do your utmost in keeping company and catching the feet of a Master; in fact, surrender yourselves completely to a Sadguru.

A meeting was held in the Makan where those who had failed to inform Baba about their health problems were “taken to task.” The main complaint was indigestion. Strong medicine was administered immediately by Baba.

A vote was taken on whether to have rice and dal or plain tea and bread for supper. The results were 14 to 11 respectively and Baba arranged to alternate the menu daily. Baba called on Hindu members for volunteers to help prepare the rice and dal; none came forward. Reluctantly Baba chose Saka, a non-Hindu, to assist in the kitchen and he required the Hindus to accept food prepared by non-Hindus. Also Sailor requested a helper in the water work to replace Bapu Ghela, who had departed. As no Hindu volunteered Baba chose Madhoo Mahar for the position, effectively doing away with the restruction against non-Hindus drawing water from the well.

Only a few days before when an attempt was made to do away with caste restrictions, the Hindu mandali objected strongly. Under the current circumstances the Hindus were willing parties to the change. In the evening the Hindu mandali requested that the caste restrictions be reinstated. Baba overruled their request.

The Hindu mandali also objected to frequent games and sports events rather than “religious observations.” Baba conceded their point and ordered that game playing be replaced by three artis a day, including one at 4 AM that was postponed until 7 November. An arti was conducted immediately.

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