He says he will not travel to Persia after the dismantling of Meherabad if the mandali will agree to certain conditions,
folios #374-378, October 20-21, 1926.

Baba shifted his seat. The “big table” was moved to the new position and other adjustments were made and at 4 PM Baba seated himself in this new spot. Within half an hour a row broke out involving Masaji, Behramji and Rustomji. Showing his “disgust” for petty quarrels among the mandali, Baba threatened to “stop all the affairs at Meherabad.”

In the morning Baba was observed to be in a “disturbed mood.” At 10 AM he called some mandali members and informed them of his decision to close and dismantle the school, dispensary, hospital, Sarai, Sai-Darbar, asylums and all other institutions except the Makan before 1 November. About 20 mandali would go with Baba to Persia and others would join him there. Lists of names were prepared and instructions on securing passports were issued.

The entire mandali were assembled and given the news; the majority looked very disappointed. Baba proposed that he would not go to Persia after the dismantling of Meherabad if the mandali were to agree to certain conditions having to do with the elimination of distinctions in duties, food, general conditions and caste and that none would expect cash payment. The majority accepted the conditions and those who did not were asked to go away to their respective places and occupations.

At the tea party at Kaka’s, more arrangements were detailed for selling school and medical supplies. Baba gave the order to begin dismantling the structures on the following day. Patients and students were given notice; letters were written to parents. Baba provided that some boys could stay with him not as students but rather as mandali members subject to his orders. About 25 agreed to that arrangement pending permission from their parents. Some boys departed before the end of the day.

When Baba rescinded the order against paying respects, the entire mandali rushed to pay their usual respects. In a private conversation, Rustomji learned that Baba had given careful attention to the wants and needs of every individul resident of the Meherabad colony and that he was making suitable arrangements.

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