In honor of the beginning of his 100 day fast Baba offers to fulfill for this day only any boon supported by the majority of the mandali,
folios #369-374, October 17-19, 1926.

After beginning the day with a “crusade against bugs” in the Makan, the mandali and Baba played sports, including hockey with the boys, ata-pata and cricket.

Baba and fourteen mandali visited Bhingar by invitation, where enthusiastic ceremonies were performed by Nath Madhav. The press of people coming to pay respects to Baba was so great that he had to leave the premises for safety’s sake. A drunk man held his military salute for 20 minutes, dropping it only when Baba gave him a salute in return. Later Baba observed that low caste people appeal to him because they have a degree of humility. “It is humility and regard that appeals to me most,” he wrote on his slate.

From 8 to 10 PM a game of ata-pata was played. Some mandali who had voted for the game slipped away from the field for a chat among themselves. Baba punished them with an order to keep silence from 10:30 PM to 6 AM. A few minutes later he made the order binding on the whole mandali.

In the morning Baba explained some of Hafiz’s verses to Doctor, Adi and Ramjoo. At 3 PM the mandali were summoned and in honor of the beginning of his 100 day fast Baba offered to fulfill for this day only any boon supported by the majority. Papers were distributed, wants were written on them and they were collected and read out. The majority expressed desires for treats, whether they be sweets, meals or tea parties, and that Baba himself also partake.

Baba promised to share a meal of different dishes prepared by the mandali by 8 PM. The announcement was met with a “deafening” cheer. Groups were formed under the leadership of the best cooks and they were supplied with utensils and ingredients. Food preparation went on for three enthusiastic and joyful hours, providing an extensive menu that was served by Baba to all mandali seated in Sai Darbar. The atmosphere was filled with song and praise.

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