Baba gathers flowers and garlands photos of Upasni Maharaj and Babajan to be carried in procession on Meherabad Hill,
folios #365-369, October 14-16, 1926.

Disturbed by visitor activity at the school, Baba ordered that only staff and his personal attendants were allowed to enter school premises. The afternoon cricket match degenerated into hot dispute over the empires call; it continued long after the game until Baba intervened and reconciled the players.

Baba’s discourse on Love held the mandali “spell-bound.” A notice was circulated informing all to approach Baba for Darshan only twice during the day, when he first appeared in the morning and when he retired to the Hill at night. In addition, all including visitors were to address him only through mandali members with permission to speak to him.

Dussera began with a tense meeting about mismanagement at the school during which Baba warned Rustomji to see to it that all school affairs were conducted as peacefully and thoroughly as if he himself were supervising them. If he heard of any misbehavior he would immediately put an end to “the whole affair.” After discussion, Baba pardoned all with a serious warning to be very careful thereafter.

The game of hockey was introduced to the boys with Baba joining in the play.

In the afternoon Baba was bathed by the mandali and taken to Sai-Darbar for Arti Puja. Afterward Baba gathered flowers in the garden and garlanded photos of Upasni Maharaj and Babajan, placing them on the couch which had been decorated for him to be carried later in the evening procession.

Next they played an excellent cricket match with Baba participating on both teams.

After tea and rest the Dussera procession enthusiastically mounted Meherabad Hill with rejoicing to music and bhajan parties for Arti and other pujas. Along with twenty mandali, Baba took dinner at Kaka’s followed by a tea party and gramaphone listening. Baba discoursed on the difficulties of the Spiritual Path and the three aspects of existence, Body, Life and Mind.

Thereafter Baba went to visit the women mandali.

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