Baba instructs the mandali to celebrate Diwali without expenditures and he sanctions 500 rupees for his birthday celebration,
folios #362-365, 11-13 October, 1926.

Baba took a meal at 2 PM and umpired the afternoon cricket game. When one of the better behaved boys, Chhabu, was reported to have told a lie, Baba dismissed him from school. The boy pleaded that he had forgotten what was asked of him and Baba pardoned him. The mandali gathered around Baba in the evening for informal discussions and gramaphone music as well as a walk and a late-night tea party.

During the evening cricket game in which Baba was playing, an “insane” looking man approached and asked to be taught some work. Baba directed Arjoon to train him in some work and regardless of his progress to “look well” after his food and clothing. At 7 PM Baba was carried to Kaka’s for dinner by seven mandali taking turns.

Discoursing on the future, Baba said that he would soon commence a 100-day fast that would make him very weak and reduce him “almost to a skeleton.” Toward the end of the fast he would lie “as if dead for 70 hours,” then revive and begin not only eating but also speaking. The manifestation of his internal workings would then “turn the world upside down.” Baba advised those present to stick with him through that time.

Baba instructed the mandali to celebrate Diwali without expenditures and he sanctioned 500 rupees for his birthday celebration, saying “everything will be upset by then as there was no knowing what will happen.”

An enthusiastic procession accompanied Baba to his quarters on the Hill with music and dancing that lasted for an hour and a half. In response to reports of lack of water in the colony wells, Baba conveyed with some humor that outsiders who approached him got what they wanted including abundance of water while wells within his “sacred boundary” were badly lacking. Baba referred to the example of Moinuddin Chisti, the Satguru from Ajmer; the tree under which he sat not only ceased giving fruit but also dried up to some extent.

Baba came down in the afternoon and sat at the Dhuni watching the evening cricket match. Arjoon informed Baba that some boys had been punished by fasting that day; Baba ordered all concerned to avoid any punishment other than caning for the boys.

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