The mandali meet to choose one of four proposals presented by Baba for dealing with the need to tighten discipline at Meherabad,
folios #356-362, 5-9 October, 1926.

Baba explained the need to hold sexual desires in check, pointing out that it was not easy even for great yogis to accomplish.

A group of politicians and editors came for a prolonged discussion of Swaraj with Baba, followed by the usual tea party at Kaka’s and a game of cricket in the afternoon. In the evening the mandali performed a drama, “Selfish World,” followed by spiritual talks and a dance program.

Baba withdrew somewhat from daily activities and began to fast on water; in the afternoon of the second day he took a cup of milk. Progress toward normality of the disturbed boy, Madhoo, suffered a relapse occasioned by mistreatment by some mandali members; Baba had them caned. On an inspection tour of the school, Baba impressed on Chanji the need for strict supervision over the school’s staff.

In an “irritable mood,” Baba caned mandali members who failed to comply with standing orders to spread their bedding in the sun; they felt unjustly punished. Baba called a meeting and explained that his severe response to faults in the discharge of duties and orders would continue. Considerable discussion developed as Baba presented the group with four proposals to choose from: 1) to remain at Meherabad under a strict regime, 2) to enter a four-month period of hard labor, 3) to disperse to their homes while Baba goes on a “tour abroad” with a few, or 4) to accompany Baba on a journey where they must beg and maintain themselves independently.

It was decided to go with the first proposal. In view of Baba’s current aloofness, Rustomji was chosen to act as Head of all departments with full powers and responsibilities for the management of Meherabad. Later in the day the meeting was reconvened and Baba proposed going either to Persia or Rangoon. After discussion again the mandali decided to remain in Meherabad under the new management and Baba allowed ten days trial to see how things would go.

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