Feeding the Poor, A Mad Dog, Kirtan, and the School Boys,
3rd-22nd April 1925,
folios 45-48

With this week’s installment the Diary immerses itself in the day-to-day affairs of the Meherabad Ashram in 1925. The Meher Hospital and Hazrat Babajan School had just been inaugurated during the preceding month; now we get to see how Baba managed the running of them.

Folio 45 opens with a feast for 500 poor people, followed by a wrestling match and film about the life of Tukaram. A man from the village of Walki who had been bitten by a made dog received treatment for rabies in the hospital. At this time Baba gave instructions for the opening of an operation theater for eye surgery, since Dr. Karkal, the chief physician at the Meher Hospital, was an eye specialist.

Over the years Baba maintained an on-going relation with the Arangaon villagers; and in these pages we see the beginning of a small drama in this regard. Baba was disappointed by the poor attendance of a Sunday program of kirtan (Hindu devotional singing and narrative) on the part of villagers and forbade them to come for His darshan. This led to a reconciliation several days later. On 20th April He washed thirty untouchable boys with His own hands.

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