Karim sees Baba, Babajan and Upasni Maharaj together one night,
folios #353-356, September 30 – October 4, 1926.

Baba humored Sailor for his difficulties in taking care of a deer and a mongoose entrusted to his care.

A meeting of the mandali was called for serious discussion about “winding up the Meherabad activities.” At issue was the poor attitude of workers and some mandali members. The majority favored continuing to stay at Meherabad and the discussion was dropped.

Later Baba had a letter from Baboo in Poona read out which reported a rumor that Baba was expected soon in Poona. Discussion followed. The situation of Angya Swami came up; he had sworn an oath to remain with Baba for one year under any circumstances but he was now going back on his word and claiming either immediate enlightenment or else 2000 rupees “for feeding the poor.”

In response to the sighting of a cobra near the ladies quarters, Baba instructed the general manager to remove all birds’ nests and eggs from the vicinity and to fill all crevices with cement and glass.

Naval related that Karim had seen Baba, Babajan and Upasni Maharaj together a few nights before.

The mandali disinfected the Makan, removing insects and pests; they also aired their bedding and belongings.

Baba was greeted with an ovation and the mandali were feted with refreshments on a short visit to Ahmednagar in the evening.

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