The three boys recently dismissed from the school and forbidden to return are discovered on the school premises,
folios #349-351, 26-29 September, 1926.

The mandali vigorously discussed doing away with separate drinking water arrangements for the different castes and communities at Meherabad. After heated debate in Baba’s presence a vote was taken; the results were 28 for the proposal and 28 against it. Baba cast his tie breaking vote against changing the system and spoke in terms of more sweeping abandonment of caste and community symbols and practices. He concluded, saying, “The work of uniting all people into one will be done at the proper time by Powers which are beyond the humans. Such a change cannot be brought round merely through human efforts!”

Later in the evening the mandali discussed many matters, with occasional contributions by Baba, including especially Mahatma Gandhi and politics.

On a day of heavy rainfall, the mandali played games in Sai Darbar. Baba reprimanded a faculty member for errors in the school register, emphasizing the need to be “very particular” about orders and instructions. In the evening he talked on “Khwaja Pir and Satguru.”

A Hindu gentleman seeking information about his lost son failed to approach Baba as a spiritual figure. After reproval he admitted his error and Baba advised him how to be reunited with his son.

In the evening the three boys who were recently dismissed from the school and forbidden to return were discovered on the school premises. Baba pardoned them and agreed to allow them to return to school as long as they agreed to sever connections with Arangaon Mahars. They were unable to agree with that condition and Baba pointed out to those who were urging him to allow them to return that his orginal decision to dismiss them was correct.

Later the mandali were treated to stories about Baba’s visit to Kashi [Varanasi], where he was disguised as a Brahmin by Upasni Maharaj in order to enter the Jagannath Temple. There Maharaj announced that Baba was Visheshawar and the Brahmins bowed down to him.

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