Some Mahar boys confess to having purposely broken Baba’s orders not to talk with their parents while doing errands outside Meherabad,
folios #339-344, September 21, 1926.

After an early morning “silent” lecture via Chanji’s notes on the subject of “Renunciation,” Baba agreed to take the mandali on a tour so that new-comers could get some idea of the “hardships and pleasures” experienced on a journey with him. Having agreed to bring no money and to beg for food, 20 mandali and Baba set out at 10 AM on foot for the village of Walki.

With Sarosh playing his mouth organ and others singing, joyful feelings were running high as they walked in the shade of sheltering clouds. The mandali took turns in pairs giving Baba a ride on their hands. They halted under a big tree on the outskirts of Walki.

Kaka was sent to arrange for tea at the village inn while Arjoon went to Meherabad to get money to cover the cost. Other mandali began begging in the village. Some villagers gave them food, some told them to go away and others abused them. Upon their return, Baba mixed together the food in one dish and distributed it to the mandali. There was more than plenty for all.

Soon the villagers found out that Meher Baba was nearby and they came running to take his darshan. Those who had refused to give food regreted the lost opportunity to honor Baba through his mandali. Baba complied with one man’s persistent entreaties and made a short visit to his house. Meanwhile, about 50 cups of tea arrived from the inn.

After tea the party returned to Meherabad, arriving at about 3 PM. Baba distributed the surplus food mixture to the mandali who had not participated in the excursion.

Some Mahar boys were reported to have talked with their parents while on errands away from Meherabad. Baba questioned them and they all confessed to having purposely broken Baba’s express order in this regard; he dismissed them from Meherabad. The captain of the boys, Shankar, pleaded for a pardon and Baba called the boys back to offer a pardon if they agreed to comply with their previous oaths and promises. The boys insisted on seeing their parents; Baba dismissed them from Meherabad again.

At a mandali meeting it was decided that the same rule should apply to Mahar boys in the school. Those who would not agree to break their connection to Arangaon village were “driven out of the school.”

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