On Pateti Holiday evening Baba suddenly declares to everyone’s amazement that he wants to eat; he specifies certain dishes and gives the mandali 17 minutes to produce the food,
folios #331-335, September 1-9, 1926.

Baba announced the beginning of a 5 or 6 month fast on liquids only and asked the mandali to prepare various dishes with their own hands for his last meal. All busied themselves with cooking and at noon Baba sampled every one of the prepared dishes, distributing the remainder to the mandali as prasad.

As a result of frequently disobeying Baba’s order not to leave Meherabad without permission, the milkman suffered ill health. He pleaded for a pardon from Baba, who forgave him and warned him never to leave Meherabad again under any circumstances.

Rather than give explanations at the usual Thursday tea at Kaka’s, Baba departed immediately after the mandali had taken tea. He ordered most of the mandali to spead cow-dung in the school premises, which they did for a couple of hours.

Adi’s birthday was celebrated on Sunday with a jalebi party given by Mr. Dhakephalkar.

In celebration of Zoroastrian New Year a “triangular cricket match” was planned between teams captained by Baba, Rustomji and Chanji; three matches were played.

In the evening during the music party after supper, suddenly Baba declared to everyone’s great amazement that he wanted to eat. He specified certain dishes and gave the mandali 17 minutes to produce the food. In a flurry of activity they managed to produce the meal. Baba ate a few morsels and then mixed the dishes together in one and served it to the mandali as prasad.

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