Reports come from Poona that Hazrat Babajan sometimes rests her head on Baba’s photo and sheds tears,
folios #324-327, August 26-29, 1926.

Baba received a telegram informing him that his mother was seriously ill. As he was announcing the news to the mandali, referring also to the recent death of his grand-mother, a marriage procession arrived for darshan. He immedately dropped the subject “as if nothing serious had happened” and greeted the party with smiles while participating in a formal ceremony and blessing the bride and groom.

Earlier in the day, under pressure from Baba, the final details had been completed on the newly extended school. During the evening Baba declared his satisfaction with the management and progress of the school, particularly praising the services of Chanji. The mandali along with Baba enjoyed music and singing.

The mandali’s clothing and bedding were examined as usual every month or so by Baba in order to replenish needed articles.

Baba and 16 mandali members drove to Ahmednagar by truck in response to an invitation to tour the Bishti Bang gardens and also to visit the ashram of a “very pious Hindu Recluse.” There they met a blind boy who came often to Meherabad for darshan, to whom Baba gave a promise. When they returned to Meherabad at 5 PM they discovered that the yogi who had come from Madras for divine guidance was unwilling to remain. His issue was the quality of the food; Baba allowed him to depart.

Reports came from Poona that Hazrat Babajan sometimes rested her head on Baba’s photo and shed tears. Both Upasni Maharaj and Narayan Maharaj frequently sent visitors to Baba at Meherabad.

A dispute arose between Behramji and Mr. Moorlidhar, a newcomer to Meherabad. Baba held them both responsible for the difficulties and taught Mr. Moorlidhar a lesson in obedience to the Master. Later in the day, while watching a cricket match played by the boys, a misunderstanding arose between Behramji and Baba. When Behramji started walking away from Meherabad, he was brought back to Baba by some mandali members. Eventually the atmosphere returned to normal.

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