The mandali and hired carpenters work very quickly under Baba’s supervision to complete an extension of the school premises within a single day,
folios #320-323, August 19-25, 1926.

Baba and the mandali played cricket for many hours in the afternoon, with the usual tea party at Kaka’s place during the interval. In the course of the day Baba gave four interesting talks and in the evening the test matches in England between the Australians and the British were discussed with much praise for the British players.

A cricket match for the ladies was played in the compound of the ladies’ quarters, the male mandali being excluded except for Kaka who acted as scorer. Baba was the umpire.

Early in the morning the mandali were called together for an inquiry into the disappearance of a student the previous evening. The director, the monitors and all the teachers were held responsible. Baba punished them by making them hold quinine powder in their mouths until he allowed them to spit it out and take sweets to remove the bitterness.

To celebrate coconut day the boys received a holiday; sweets were served in the afternoon. In the evening a procession escorted Baba to the hill where a special arti was performed by the women.

During tea in the morning Baba ordered an extension to the school premises. All the mandali as well as hired carpenters took part. Under Baba’s high pressure supervision the work proceed rapidly and was completed in a single day. Afterwards a game of cricket was played and in the evening Baba, without showing any signs of fatigue, addressed a party of visitors for an hour.

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