Baba’s mother sees him in a carriage near Babajan chowk in Poona; the mandali insist that Baba has not left Meherabad,
folios #316-319, August 14-18, 1926.

Babu Cyclewalla wrote from Poona telling that Baba’s mother and other women returning from a visit to Babajan saw Baba in a carriage near there. Shireenmai was miffed that her son just ignored her calls without greeting her. But the mandali insisted that Baba had not left Meherabad!

Raghunath Karmarkar (son of Upasni Maharaj’s Durgabai) had been in jail for a month for fencing a stolen bicycle. He was released after Baba arranged to have his fine paid, and resumed his duties at Meherabad after accepting Baba’s four conditions for him.

Ignoring Baba’s order to only perform his official duties, the Arangaon policeman Patel got into trouble for harboring a wanted man. Baba forgave him, but as a penance he had to give a tea party to the mandali.

The next day was another holiday for the celebration of Zoroaster’s birthday. The day was filled with cricket and an afternoon tea. In the evening the birthday ceremony was observed in the Hindu fashion.

During the next few days there were afternoon tea parties, and cricket matches became the habit that week. One day Baba had the mandali and some of the visitors help him wash the boys’ clothes and give them all a bath.

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