At the last minute Baba persuades Barsoap, one of the early Muslim mandali, not to quit Meherabad,
folios #308-311, July 28 – August 5, 1926.

The mandali began the new ‘dry diet’ by Baba’s order; bhakri (unleavened millet bread) and milkless tea for breakfast and supper, rice and dal for lunch.

Baba took some of the mandali for a quick trip to Happy Valley one day that week. Upon their return, everyone was treated to tea with milk, and then an exciting game of cricket. That Sunday was gray and rainy, but in the afternoon Baba picked up everyone’s spirits by personally serving them ‘good hot milk tea’. With the continuing bad weather, Baba warned everyone to keep covered up and take care of their health.

One of the early Muslim mandali, Barsoap, had been personally complaining to Baba. On the day he was allowed to leave, Baba persuaded him to stay on at the last minute. Because of inconsistent milk supply, Baba also put the schoolboys on the austere diet of the mandali. With the weather improved, Baba and the mandali gave them all baths.

After tea at Kaka’s that day, Baba suddenly ordered that the malkham was to be immediately removed. So the men and boys dug out the large exercise post that had been in the ‘gymnasium’ area for the past many months.

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