Kaka Shahane tells how his brother saw Baba in the bazaar in Nagar even though He was at Meherabad at the same time,
folios #304-307, July 24-27, 1926.

Just before sleeping time at 10 PM, the watchman reported seeing “some black figures flitting away” from the building. Baba and the mandali searched all of Meherabad carefully with lanterns and sticks without finding anyone lurking in the vicinity.

On the following day the Hindus celebrated Guru Purnima. To them Baba conveyed that real Guru Purnima meant to “bow down at the feet of the Guru with the innocence of a child and swear that none will leave him until He begins to speak.” Baba also distributed tea and sweets to the mandali in celebration of Navrozji’s birthday.

During the evening bhajan program Baba suddenly took up the duff-drum and played it “with beautiful timing.” The chanting increased in vigor and enthusiasm for about half an hour. Afterward the atmosphere became very serene and sweet. Later that night Baba and all played ata-pata for two hours in the full moon light, followed by milk tea for the mandali.

The annual examinations were completed in the school and 8 new boys were enrolled.

Baba called a meeting to adjust inconveniences and complaints among the mandali. Afterwards, Kaka Shahane told the mandali how his brother saw Baba in Nagar about a month before although at that time Baba was at Meherabad. Kaka’s brother went to the bazar where he found Baba along with four unknown strangers. He bowed down over Baba’s feet in order pay respect and when he looked up there was nobody present. In explanation of the phenomenon, Baba discoursed on the subject of shaktaas, i.e. powers. He divided them into three divisions: Swayambhuva, Ananta and Siddhi.

Several boys fell ill and Baba gave the school authorities special instructions for taking care of them.

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