Baba resolves a dispute involving the whole village,
folios #293-297, July 11-18, 1926.

Baba informed the mandali of changes in the routine effective July 12th till February. He would remain on a liquid diet till then, and become more passive in the daily affairs of Meherabad. He would also stop giving explanations and lectures, and would not take part in sports or games. Baba moved his daily seat back to the Table House.

After a few days, Baba had to resolve a dispute involving the whole village. After most of them had been assembled in his presence for some time, the ringleaders were compelled to beg his pardon, and vowed to remain on good terms with one another.

Another seeker came asking Baba to set him on the path. “Baba gave him the usual terms (which are of late offered to such people who come with lofty ideals but low determination.)” After 15 minutes the man expressed that he would rather be in Shirdi.

Despite his declaration, after a few days Baba began to give a few short discourses to the mandali. He also had to clear up a misunderstanding about Kaikhushroo (Afseri) and his night duty at the hospital.

When Angal Pleader came that Sunday accompanied by a high government official and his family, Baba did not come out early and greet people as usual. The ‘important people’ had to wait impatiently for several hours to see Baba, and Angal learned a good lesson.

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