Baba personally leads a stonecutter’s wounded donkey to the hospital and washes and dresses its wounds,
folios #287-293, July 5-10, 1926.

Baba contributed 150 rupees towards the temple construction fund of the guru of Shankarnath, one of the new mandali.

Baba stopped the mandali from doing the daily grinding work because some were inattentive. That evening, a stonecutter took his wounded donkey to Baba, who personally took it to the hospital and washed and dressed its wounds. Then after listening to some Telegu bhajans, Baba gave another fine explanation about the Oversoul’s journey from limited unconsciousness to unlimited consciousness.

On the first anniversary of Baba’s Silence, the diarist comments that although keeping silence is not so unusual, Baba’s Silence has been most unusual in two ways. Baba has been more physically active and interactive with people since beginning his silence, which required more effort and skill in communicating. Also, since beginning his silence and his secluded writing work, “Baba has been very regular in explaining deep divine subjects. So much so that since the last 4 months the silent lectures….would make a big volume in itself!….The real series of deeper explanations that Baba has given during this period are contained in separate notes* taken by Dadchanji.”

It was the mandali who insisted upon observing this first anniversary of silence, “this wonderful display of super-human Control of the tongue in a befitting manner.” And so the whole of Meherabad was closed for this holiday, with all the mandali observing the 24-hour fast with Baba, broken with a dinner at Kaka Shahane’s place.

After a few of the mandali reported having dreams that Babajan had dropped her body, Baba informed them that from that day, all Babajan’s spiritual duties had been transferred elsewhere.

Due to missing Baba’s prasad that day and becoming the object of Baba’s gaze during the evening bhajans, Waman Subnis became hysterical that night, slapping himself and shouting Baba’s name repeatedly.


*Look for the soon to be published Infinite Intelligence.

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