Many of the mandali and boys accompany Baba to Ahmednagar to see a special performance of a play scheduled for them,
folios #274-279, June 12-16, 1926.

Baba decided that a tea party scheduled to be given in the afternoon by Dr. Karkal would take place immediately (9a.m.), and so he distributed the one prepared dish to the mandali and boys. Afterward, Baba suddenly launched into a lecture ‘about the fixed number of Spiritual Personalities that always exist in the world,’ the five keepers of the one Treasure Box.

That evening, Baba did take some of the mandali to the circus, but they stayed for only 15 minutes. Upon their return to Meherabad, it was found that one of the schoolboys had left, and Baba temporarily lost his mood, threatening to begin fasting for periods of seven days at a time.

That Sunday afternoon many of the mandali and boys accompanied Baba to Ahmednagar to see a special performance of a play scheduled for them. One of the actors was Baba’s mother’s brother, Rustom. Back at Meherabad that evening, Baba engaged them all in a discussion about the drama they had seen, the life of the saint Surdas.

A special tea party was held the next day to celebrate Mohan Shahane’s successful passing of his final college exams. Mohan recalled that since he had little self-confidence in the subject of English, he repeated Baba’s name before the exam, and then happened to get a test paper pertaining to the portion he had memorized.

One day that week, Baba performed an impromptu search of the boys’ belongings, collecting many contraband ‘knick-knacks’. After helping Baba bathe the boys the next day, the mandali were treated to milk tea and more beautiful explanations of the divine. In conclusion, Baba informed them that he would begin fasting and ‘contrary breathing’, to begin the final touches of perfecting the circle.

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