Baba goes up the hill for seclusion in the tank room,
folios #249-252, April 21 – May 11, 1926.

To celebrate Ram’s birthday, the school was closed and once again, Meherabad became festive. Baba personally prepared and served tea and “shira” to everyone for breakfast. Vishnu’s mother, Kakubai served a special lunch to everyone in the Makan-e-khas.

At the Thursday tea party at Kaka’s, Baba had an article read by Soma Desai (Mansari’s uncle) entitled ‘Guru prasad’.

More Hindu celebrations were enjoyed during the week, till the day Baba went up the hill for seclusion in the tank room. He spent hours that day bringing home his points concerning attentiveness to duties and responsibility to his orders. That evening the mandali and boys followed Baba up the hill singing bhajans. After distributing prasad and giving one last warning, all were dismissed.

The mandali passed through the regular routine while Baba was writing in seclusion in the west room. Only Baba’s brother Jal and the schoolboy Bal, attended to his needs. After a week, on May 10th, Baba paid a surprise visit to lower Meherabad, going first to the gymnasium to see a demonstration of exercises. Later that afternoon, he lectured the schoolboys on the necessity of moral discipline.

The next day, Baba again came down the hill and performed his routine thorough inspection of Meherabad. Baba distributed watermelon to the mandali in the evening.

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