The schoolboys are treated to a show of magic tricks performed by a party of jugglers,
folios #245-248, April 5-20, 1926.

Dr. Karhal gave a tea party to Baba and the mandali after one of the schoolboys survived a serious illness.

Baba personally went and brought the untouchable parents ‘who were undergoing the penance fasting’ back to Meherabad to break their fast.

The schoolboys were again given baths by Baba and the mandali, and the days ration of milk was increased. To top it all off, the hygienic luxury of tooth powder was distributed to all. A few days later, the boys were treated to a show of magic tricks performed by a party of jugglers.

By mid-summer, the water level in the Original well had diminished to a point where it had to be restricted for drinking only.

To celebrate the Moslem holiday of Ramyan, the school was closed and a special tea party was given to all.

After the death and burial of an old Christian woman, Baba gave a discourse on ‘the mysteries of death.’ At the usual Thursday tea party at Kaka Shahane’s that week, ‘Baba discoursed for about two hours upon divine subjects to the great delight of the mandali.’

After a Sunday tea party at Maruti Patel’s, Baba took the boys for a walk up the hill.

Baba presented the mandali with a riddle which none of them could solve (see Lord Meher, Vol. III, p. 789).

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