The untouchable boys are dismissed from school due to misunderstandings on the part of their parents,
folios #242-244, March 29 – April 4, 1926.

Baba began to keep himself secluded daily in the cabin on the Sai Darbar platform, doing his writing work. He also continued much of his regular routine, including his habit of occasionally discoursing on divine subjects.

When the Moslem disciple Gulabshah began to have doubts about Baba’s divinity, Baba sent him to the shrine of the Sufi perfect master in Ajmer, Moenuddin Chisti, where he said he would come to know the truth about the matter.

The schoolboys were started on the luxurious diet of a small cup of milk in the morning and evening, and an evening exercise program was begun. The exercise drill created a panic in the ignorant villagers, who were sure that their boys would be sent to fight a war in some far corner of the world. When the parents of the untouchable boys came to Baba to complain, he dismissed all of the untouchable boys from the school to drive home the point of not falling prey to a lack of common sense. However, after a unanimous apology that evening and certain written agreements, Baba allowed all the boys back into the school.

Baba took all the boys for a walk in the fields and a picnic that Sunday.

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