A Brahmin priest performs the weddings of six untouchable schoolboys at Meherabad,
folios #221-224, February 19-25, 1926.

From early morning Baba was busy with the visitors who were unable to leave Meherabad due to the huge crowds celebrating his birthday the previous evening. The lucky lingerers were treated to a new bio-booklet, which Baba personally distributed.

The next day Baba was back to his stringent routine of inspection and supervision of the colony. That afternoon, Sadashiv Patel was allowed to give a tea party in Sai Darbar.

That Sunday was another filled with activity, particularly in the evening when a Brahmin priest performed the weddings of six of the untouchable schoolboys at Meherabad. These incidents and subsequent marriages were the result of certain ‘rules of engagement’ which Baba had instigated a few weeks before. After Baba blessed the newlyweds, the big crowd was treated to a simple feast that he had arranged.

The schools were reopened and the boys were given no-doubt badly needed baths by Baba and the mandali.

On the 25th, Baba discontinued the mandali’s Thursday fasts. That night the long awaited play on the life of Shivaji was presented which ‘proved highly successful.’

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