Baba stresses that the body is “to be spent away in the service of love and the love of God,”
folios #208-211, January 23-30, 1926.

Many of Baba’s ‘Nagar devotees rushed to Meherabad after a rumor circulated that he had dropped his body. Baba reacted by stating that he would not leave his body for at least 26 years more, but would not retain his body more than the age of ninety.

Due to the continued increase in the Sunday and Thursday crowds, parking lot arrangements for motorized and unmotorized vehicles had to be made. The schools were closed that Sunday to celebrate Babajan’s birthday in a very enthusiastic way at Meherabad. With the men mandali “at the tea party at Mr. Shahane’s place this afternoon, Baba dwelt at length on the delicate question of the ‘vital fluid.'” He stressed that “the body was to be spent away in the service of love and the love of God.”

Despite an unseasonal steady rain, Baba did not miss his daily routine of inspections, etc. The schools were closed after the annual exams, so the mandali were able to do two rehearsals that day for the coming birthday play.

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