Baba exposes his all-knowing nature to someone besides his lovers,
folios #204-208, January 9-21, 1926.

A lawyer turned yogi came to ask Baba some questions that he wanted to carefully formulate by writing down. But by the time he had handed over his questions. Baba simultaneously handed him his written answers. This was one of the rare occasions when Baba exposed his all-knowing nature to someone besides his lovers.

The parents of another schoolboy who came down with pneumonia insisted on taking him back to their hometown. That evening ‘the mandali were held spellbound’ by Baba’s discourse about maya. When some of the mandali got up late the next day, Baba posted a notice allowing everyone to get up and to also do the grinding work as and when they liked.

Being both Thursday and the Hindu festival, Sankrant, another huge crowd showed up at Meherabad. All the schoolboys were given heavier undershirts for the continuing winter weather.

Devotees blessed with a baby son were all the more thrilled when Baba gave him the exact name they had in mind.

During his routine inspections one day, Baba found a woman and two men missing from the Dharamshala, so he gave instructions to build a separate shelter for women as soon as possible.

Baba did not see a pseudo-spiritual personality who came for his darshan.

A tea party was held in honor of the recovery of the schoolboys from their serious illness. As ordered, the mandali continued to attend the nightly lectures on the Ramayan give by Angal. Besides their usual activities the mandali had begun rehearsals for a play about Shivaji for Baba’s birthday.

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