Baba visits the untouchable section of Arangaon to care for an ill schoolboy,
folios #201-204, January 1-8, 1926.

To celebrate Zoroaster’s birthday, New Years Day was a school holiday with sports, bhajans, and sweets.

During his inspection of the hospital that day, Baba expelled a mentally disturbed man who proved to be a problem. An Arangaon disciple’s failure in carrying out his order to send the madman away put Baba in a somber mood all the next day.

After another crowded Sunday with Angal’s Purans and Sawlarm’s bhajans, another routine week commenced with visitors and interviews, and recitation of the Ramayan in the evenings. The Thursday school hours were permanently reduced that week. When one of the poor schoolboys became ill, Baba directed every detail of his care. That night Baba visited the untouchable section of Arangaon to see how the schoolboys were being taken care of during the cold winter nights. Throughout the next day Baba continued to shower his careful attention on Kashinath, the sick boy. Baba referred to himself as “the ocean on which all the human beings were appearing and disappearing like bubbles!”

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