The remarkable and touching story of the death of a young lady devotee of Baba brings the year 1925 to a close,
folios #194-198, December 30-31, 1925.

“The Circle Committee…was formed today in connection with the general management of the domestic affairs of the steadily growing colony of Meherabad.” The Circle Committee had 16 members and 2 orderlies. Baba also named the new mandap ‘Sai Darbar’ that day.

After a careless mistake with his milk at tea the next day, Baba returned to Meherabad in a bad mood. After another misunderstanding involving three visitors, “they had beat a quick retreat… on their cycles.” While two of the mandali went to convince the terrified trio to return, another lost his temper and pushed an outsider, which prompted Baba to order him to bow down to the offended man. When Baba sent for his milk again, a cat had knocked over the pot spilling the remainder.

After Sawlaram and another party sang that afternoon, Baba greeted visitors, including the terrified trio.

During the meeting the previous week, “Baba had appointed Ruston and Behramji to be the enquirers of grievances,” to screen requests by visitors since it had become impossible for Baba to personally interview them all.

A young lady who had come to Ahmednagar to recover from TB had become very devoted to Baba. The remarkable and touching story of her death ends the year 1925.

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