Baba gathers all the mandali and reminds them to control anger and passion,
folios #192-194, December 23-26, 1925.

Baba cancelled a Puranic lecture at Meherabad when the high caste hindu pandit scheduled to talk insisted that the untouchables could not be allowed to attend.

That Thursday being Christmas Eve, Baba greeted the many visitors while still meticulously inspecting and interviewing the residents of Meherabad. The usual tea and interesting discourse was followed by music and short speeches by the mandali that evening. By Baba’s direction, Ajoba (Baba’s first Christian disciple) entered last, wearing a white kafni carrying a large wooden cross to tell of the life of Christ. After the late night arti, Baba distributed prasad.

On Christmas day, “a perfect holiday atmosphere reigned supreme over the colony”, which started with a special breakfast for everybody. The game atya-patya was played in the morning, and the rare luxury of a nap was granted after lunch. After more sports in the afternoon, Baba gathered all the mandali and gave them a warning reminder to control anger and passion.

The next day Baba called a meeting to deal with Meherabad’s perennial problems: water facilities and arrangements for visitors.

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