In addition to daily activities, Baba takes keen interest in the construction of Sai Darbar,
folios #188-191, December 19-22, 1925.

After settling a dispute between three wandering ascetics, Baba commented on his real appearance and his suffering, stating that a few of the mandali would see his real form internally when he would begin to speak again.

That Sunday morning Baba distributed warm clothes and bedding to some of the residents. Then Angal gave his usual Puranic lecture which had become very popular.

Mohan Shahane had stopped eating since Baba would not pardon him for a fault. The ploy worked; Baba sent a forgiving telegram ordering him to eat. That evening Baba took the mandali for tea to the two simple shops at Meherabad and dubbed them the Taj Mahal and the Raj Mahal. Then he explained about a man’s ecstatic swoon that morning, and also forgave a debt a young man owed to one of the mandali.

Baba took special care to make sure dharamshala visitors were warm at night.

The next evening, Judge Baba settled three cases. One sentence was the wacking of the hands of two thieves who had stolen a poor man’s figs.

In addition to the daily activities, Baba was taking keen interest in the construction of Sai Darbar. After he and the mandali bathed the schoolboys that week, Baba also took a bath.

Despite often fasting or at best eating little during the previous few months, Baba had not let up on the pace of activities at Meherabad or his attention to the thousands of visitors.

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