In response to Annie Besant’s announcements that the new messiah will manifest in Krishnamurti, Baba discourses on the True Teacher,
folios #183-187, December 14-18, 1925.

Annie Besant’s announcement in the papers that the new messiah would manifest in the form of the young Krishnamurti prompted Baba to give a good explanation about the nature of the True Teacher. The next day Baba gave a discourse on the dangers of false masters, and praised Gandhi as an honest man.

Baba and the mandali gave baths to the schoolboys again.

That Thursday the crowd of visitors was very great again. As Baba was doing his daily rounds of Meherabad he “was always followed by a number of people trying to dodge in for the darhsans.” That day at tea Baba explained the great importance of controlling anger, and later continued coaching everyone on honesty and moral integrity. After that, a respected sadhu and a dervish from Baghdad came to pay their respects to Baba. That day’s activities ended by Baba settling three disputes amongst the local villagers.

One afternoon Baba had Vishnu read some passages from the Bible and commented on the meaning. That evening they heard more from the Ramayana.

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