Due to the large number of daily visitors, many shops are allowed to open at Meherabad,
folios #180-182, December 10-13, 1925.

Due to the mandali fasting that Thursday, the usual tea party was held at 11:15 am instead. With the schools closed in the afternoon, the rest of the day was occupied with singing and recitation of the Ramayana. Finding the fasting mandali very hungry in the evening, Baba purchased savory snacks to feed them from a new stall he had allowed at Meherabad.

The next day Baba took the mandali up the hill for supper, but because the quantity sent was insufficient he became very upset. Upon returning to lower Meherabad he had the head woman of the leper colony cane Naja for slipping up in this duty.

After a watch was stolen from the Makan, Baba called a meeting and warned all to be very vigilant. With Beheramji’s written apology to him for uncivil behaviour, Baba decided to have a tea party at Bapu Brahmin’s. At his request Baba allowed Pandoba to dine with the non-Hindu mandali that evening.

Due to the large number of daily visitors, many more shops were allowed to open at Meherabad. And on Sundays and Thursdays with additional hawkers, a small bazaar would happen. Baba never hesitated to meet all these crowds, yet all the mandali and workers were “frequently made aware through various means of the all watching eye of Baba.”

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