The mandali are rebuked for getting up late due to cold weather on a day of fasting,
folios #176-179, November 30-December 9, 1925.

“The opening ceremony of the new kitchen was made in a very lively atmosphere.” Baba lit the new hearths to begin an afternoon of recitation, music, and most importantly tea and treats!

That evening the village untouchables were again called for another patient pep talk on “clean living and sober habits.” And Baba reiterated his promise to compensate them for the loss of certain privileges from the other villagers since they stopped dealing in dead animals. Later Baba reprimanded one of those Mahar men for using violence against one of his female family members.

After failing to inform Baba about the death of a goat in the village, the next evening the village head and the principal Mahars were called to yet another meeting.

The mandali were rebuked by Baba for getting up late due to the cold weather and a fast day he had ordered. The crowd of visitors that day was very large, which included some well-to-do Bombay Parsees.

Baba changed his daily routine again to inspections and duties in the morning and writing in the afternoon.

An article in the paper about Gandhi’s seeking prompted Baba to explain that Gandhi would become perfect in three more lifetimes. Baba then encouraged the mandali by stating that they were even better off than Gandhi since they had him as their master.

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