After morning writing, Baba supervises extention work on the kitchen and measures some schoolboys for winter coats,
folios #172-176, November 27-29, 1925.

The usual daily routine was stopped and the hospital (old mandali hall) was vacated one day to accommodate the singing performance of the popular Piaroo Qawal of Ajmer. A huge crowd came to hear him and Baba was ‘greatly pleased’ with his singing. The consensus amongst the mandali was that it was the best qawali they had ever heard.

That evening Baba made a thorough inspection of all bedding and clothes with a list of required items for the increasing cold weather. He remarked, “None of you should die at least for these eight months.”

After his morning writing work the next day, Baba supervised the work of extending the kitchen. He then measured some of the schoolboys for coats, simultaneously inspiring them to lead lives of purity and integrity.

A dispute amongst some of the mandali prompted Baba to call a meeting and lecture them about ‘observing mutual tolerance and forbearance’. During this discourse, Baba’s boyhood companion, the bad-tempered Baily walked away disregarding Baba’s repeated order to return. That evening Baba called the Arangaon untouchables to again persuade them to strictly avoid ‘stealing, flesh eating, and dealing in dead animals’.

That Sunday the school was again closed to celebrate another Hindu holiday. Since once again the school premises proved to be too small for these gatherings, it was decided to build a new facility closer to the road. Baba did a little foundation work himself in a quick opening ceremony that day. That evening most of the mandali were ordered to end their fasts, and were asked to be more attentive to orders and duties.

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