The Dhuni ceremony seems to bring on very heavy unseasonable rain, averting serious famine,
folios #161a-164, November 8-16, 1925.

After a long time Behramji’s brother, Khoodamoorad, ignored Baba’s order not to go to Poona (from ‘Nagar) and was seriously injured in a vehicle accident.

The inauguration of Rustom’s new family quarters was enjoyed by all with a high tea. The fun continued that evening with a sports program and a ‘fancy dress’ competition.

On the evening of Nov. 10th, the Meherabad Dhuni was lit for the first time, which seemed to bring on a very heavy unseasonable rain, averting a serious famine. The next day, the school was closed early due to cool damp weather, and the mandali were asked to compose poems about the Dhuni.

A sick old untouchable man died at Meherabad. (Baba later commented that he was given liberation.) At the usual Thursday tea party, Baba allotted fixed duties to all the mandali. Everyone enjoyed another festive Sunday with games, Angal’s Puranic lecture, and a special competition of comedy. When the Dhuni was cooled down for some repairs and then relit (in those days it was kept burning), it seemed to again bring on a very heavy rain.

Since the Makan-d-khas was at a slightly lower elevation, the floor was quite wet which prompted Baba to invite the men to sleep near him in the school that night.

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