Crowds of visitors steadily increase; Meherabad has become ‘a place of great pilgrimage,
folios #154-157, October 19-27, 1925.

The routine of school and dispensary continued after the holidays with the exception of the nightly bhajan program. Instead, a number of the men ‘gave out lectures on various subjects.’

After nine months Baba finally had a shave by the visiting barber of Manzil-e-meem. After a usual busy Thursday, all were awakened in the night by Gustadji’s alarm whistle. ‘Apparently a rat had jumped over an occupant of the ladies’ quarters which made her cry out.’

The school inspectors visited and were greatly impressed with the Hazrat Babajan schools at Meherabad.

Angal Pleader continued to give his Sunday Purana lectures, which were greatly appreciated, especially since the crowd of visitors had been steadily increasing. Meherabad had become ‘a place of great pilgrimage.’

On another traditional Hindu holy day, Baba was given another ceremonial bath by everyone, followed again by a fervent arti-puja. Though ‘Baba had been very irregular and scant in food taking’ since his last fast, he was ‘as fresh and active as ever’ continuing his daily duties.

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